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Exercise Videos:

~ Burpees
Burpees are the perfect exercise for an indoor cardio workout. They work your entire body and get your heart rate up in a hurry. But how do you do them?

~ High Pulls
Get more done and save time with one killer exercise. Incorporate High Pulls into your workouts.

~ Imprints
Imprints are a great exercise to build core strength and develop abdominal muscles… progress from the easiest variation to more difficult variations as you get stronger and fitter.

~ Just For Fun – Rope Climbing Animation
Rope climbing is a great full-body exercise.

~ One Arm Snatches
Want to save time but still get an effective workout? Work every muscle group in your body at the same time with One Arm Snatches.

~ Renegade Rows
Learn how to do this full-body compound exercise called Renegade Rows and work your core like never before.

~ Side Plank Snatches
Work your shoulders and your core at the same time with this awesome full-body compound exercise known as Side Plank Snatches.

~ Triceps Plank Push-ups
Looking for a new, fun and interesting way to work your triceps? Try these Triceps Plank Push-ups.

Q&A Videos:

~ Alternate Home Workout Calf Exercises
Getting tired of doing the same old calf raises during your workout? Try some of these alternative calf exercises in your next workout.

~ Analysis Paralysis Sabotaging Your Results?
Program jumping or trying to pick the best of the best from a lot of different fitness programs to fashion together an ultimate workout could lead to disaster when it comes to getting results.

~ Best Exercises For Certain Body Types
Are there certain exercises that are better than others for burning fat and building muscle, depending on your specific body type?

~ Best Full Body Exercise For Anyone?
Could there be one exercise that could earn the title of Best Exercise? And if so, is this something that everyone can do? If so, what is it?

~ Best Strategy For Maintaining Muscle
Experiencing some loss of lean muscle mass during recovery from surgery or other medical treatments is common. Spending just a couple of minutes a day on minor exercising during convalescence can help prevent that from occurring.

~ Best Way To Preserve Muscle
What is the best way to preserve all that muscle you worked so hard to get?

~ Big Belly Not Budging?
Losing stubborn belly fat can be a frustrating process, especially if you try to rush the process with extreme measures that ultimately do not work. Try these tips to lose belly fat without huge time commitments or starvation.

~ Can Cruciferous Vegetables Harm Your Health?
Are there certain cruciferous vegetables that could harm your health? The answer may surprise you.

~ Can Strength Training Sabotage Weight Loss?
Strength training can help you gain lean muscle which can help you lose fat in the long run, but can strength training also sabotage your fat loss goals?

~ Carb Cycling and Calorie Zig Zagging
Carb cycling and calorie zig zagging MIGHT be great ways to lose some weight. But they could also be tactics that sabotage you by taking your eye off what it REALLY takes to lose weight.

~ Correct Workout Posture – Neutral Spine
Getting your posture correct before starting your workout is vitally important to keeping your spine safe and yourself injury free. What is neutral spine and how do you do it? Answers and demo here.

~ Defeating Junk Food Cravings
Junk food cravings sabotaging your weight-loss goals? Try some of these tips to beat your junk food addiction.

~ Do Cardio Without Using Your Legs
Most types of cardio exercise require the use of your legs. So how do you get a cardio workout if you have a leg injury, or are unable to use them otherwise?

~ Does Muscle Affect Metabolism?
Does your metabolism slow down if you stop weight training and lose muscle? And does it speed up if you start weight training and gain muscle?

~ Eating Right And Staying Fit While Traveling
Eating right and staying fit while traveling can be a challenge. How do you make it happen even when you find yourself away from home a lot?

~ Eliminate Bat Wings or Under Arm Flab?
After losing weight, what can you do to tighten the resulting loose skin, often called Bat Wings, under your arms?

~ Exercise Ideas For Building Triceps
Get toned, fit and shapely looking arms with these triceps building exercise ideas.

~ Exercise Modifications For Weak Knees
Weak knees standing YOUR way when it comes to getting regular exercise? Don’t do NOTHING about it. The less you use your knees the weaker they will get. Try some exercise modifications to work around the problem and to help strengthen those weak knees.

~ Exercises To Increase Breast Size?
Which exercises increase breast size?

~ Exercises To Strengthen Lower Abdominals
Strengthen your lower abs with these exercises… but also be aware of what ab exercises can actually help you accomplish … and what they can not help with.

~ Exercises To Strengthen Your Upper Body
Want to build some strength in your upper body? Let’s get to work with these ideas.

~ Fix Flat Feet
Flat feet can cause pain, alter alignment in the legs, causing foot, ankle and knee joint problems and really get in the way of working out and keeping yourself fit. These simple exercises may help fix your flat feet.

~ Foam Rolling A Cure For Muscle Soreness?
Got Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness, also known as DOMS, the day after your workout? Will foam rolling or stretching help your sore muscles feel better faster?

~ Functional Training
If you enjoy certain activities like gardening, playing sports or even just playing with your kids, but your exercise routine doesn’t help you improve with your particular activity, functional training can help.

~ Gaining Weight And Adding Muscle
Too skinny and want to gain weight? But not sure if you need to add fat as well as muscle? Here’s how to go about it safely and effectively without gaining too much fat in the process.

~ Get A Bigger And Better Butt
Find out how to get a bigger, firmer and perkier butt without adding excessive flabby fat to it.

~ Get Great Abs Without Starving
Is it really necessary to eat bland foods or experience hunger to get great abs? No, and here is how.

~ Handling People Who Try To Derail You
You’ve told your friends you’re working towards getting fitter, so all they do is try to derail you with tempting treats or attempt to convince you not to work out. How do you handle these people?

~ Healthier Bread and Carbohydrate Choices
Even during all this anti-wheat and anti-gluten hype, are you still eating bread? Try some of these carb solutions instead.

~ How To Get Started Exercising
What do you do when you really WANT to get started exercising but you’re confused about how to make it happen?

~ How To Overcome Running Discomforts
If you have problems controlling your breathing or you get shin splints while running, these tips can help you overcome these painful problems for a more comfortable and enjoyable run.

~ How To Slim A Short Torso
There is definitely one exercise you want to avoid if slimming the width of your waist is your goal. Which exercises are best for slimming a short torso (or any torso)?

~ Increase Grip Strength For Better Workouts
Does your grip give out before your muscles during your workouts? Try these tricks to increase your grip strength for better, more effective workouts.

~ Is A Physical Job Enough Of A Workout?
Is having a physically demanding job good enough when it comes to working out and staying in shape?

~ Lack Of Time, Finances And Shyness Barriers
Lack of finances, lack of time or shyness keeping you from hitting the gym? There are always work-around solutions to problems like these.

~ Loose Skin After Weight Loss?
Sometimes losing weight results in gaining excess loose skin. What can you do about it?

~ Lose Your Fat Not Your Booty
Worried you’ll lose that bodacious booty if you workout to lose fat from your body? Here are some great ways to lose fat but still keep that beautiful booty.

~ Motivating After Your Goals Are Achieved
Congratulations! You made it to your goal. But now you find your ability to motivate is slipping because you got where you want to go and you are happy where you are? Uh oh, keep that motivation high if you want to keep what you worked so hard to achieve.

~ Overcoming Constant Feelings Of Hunger
Trying to lose weight but unable to overcome the feeling of being hungry constantly? A few simple changes to your diet could help.

~ Prevent Or Reduce Osteoporosis Symptoms With Strength Training
Can the symptoms of Osteoporosis be decreased by regular strength training? Can this type of exercise also contribute to preventing Osteoporosis from happening in the first place? Yes, and here’s how.

~ Reducing Leg Fat
Wish you had slimmer legs? Here is the truth about what it takes to make your legs (or any other part of your body) thinner.

~ Seeing Changes and Setting Goals
How long until you start seeing changes? Changes? In what? Let’s make sure we set some proper goals first.

~ Solve Running Blisters And Black Toenails
Love to run but get painful blisters and black toenails? Here are some tips to help prevent these annoying problems.

~ Staying Motivated To Work Out While Injured
How do you stay motivated to keep working out even though you’re recovering from an injury?

~ Strength Training And Cardio On The Same Day?
Can you do cardio and strength training workouts on the same day? Should you? If so, in which order?

~ Tightening Loose Leg Skin
Sometimes the results that come with weight loss are unexpected and unwelcome. Loose skin on your legs could be one of those results. What can you do about it?

~ Time Saving And Effective Exercises
Want to save time but still get an effective workout? Here are some tips for exercises that could help you get your workout done faster without scrimping on results.

~ Tips For A More Effective Workout
Wondering if you’re doing too much cardio? Or not enough weight training? Or if you should be slowing down as you get older? Need to save time? Just want a more effective workout? Here are some tips to help you get more out of your workouts.

~ Tips To Strengthen Weak Wrists
It’s a common problem of many people that during weight training exercises, the wrists are the first to give out. How do you strengthen your wrists so you can start having more effective workouts?

~ Train To Do Pull-ups
Wanting to add pull-ups to your workouts but can’t even do one? Here’s some tips on how to train to do pull-ups.

~ Tricks To Fit A Workout Into Your Busy Day
Seems like there’s never enough time in your day to fit in a workout? Try these tips to magically create time and sneak in your daily exercise!

~ Tricks To Help You Stay Motivated
Getting and staying motivated can be difficult. Use these nifty little tricks to get yourself to your workout, even when you don’t feel like it, until it becomes a habit and motivation is no longer needed.

~ University Preventing Weight Loss?
How do you lose weight when you’re in university or college and always in class, studying, working your part-time job or partying? The freshman-five is real, and here’s how to prevent, or counteract it.

~ Using Weight Belts And Wrist Straps
Do weight belts and wrist straps help you improve your workouts? Or do they hinder your progress?

~ What Is The Best Workout Music?
Looking to put together the ultimate workout playlist? Here are some things to consider before you start downloading tunes.

~ Working Hard But Not Seeing Progress?
Feel like you’re giving it your all with your workouts but still not making any progress? Are you sure?

~ Working Out In Extreme Weather Conditions
How do you get your workout done if the weather feels too extreme to bother? Even in Summer indoors home workouts can be tough to pull off. And Winter outdoors can be harsh. Here are some tips to get around the weather and get your workout done.

~ Zombies Coming If You Don’t Work Out?
Motivation comes in many forms. Imagining zombie attacks, or the grim reaper chasing you? Sure! Why not? As long as that workout gets done!

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