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Seeing Changes and Setting Goals

Ever started a new fitness routine then wondered how long it will be before you see changes?

I think everyone has done that once or twice, at least.How to achieve your goals

Terrence, who hangs out with me over on my Facebook page, asked how long until HE sees changes.

Unfortunately he didn’t tell me what kind of changes he was hoping for (faster? stronger? leaner? bigger?), or what he was doing to work towards those changes.

So, while this is a tough question to answer without the right information, the question that was asked ‘between the lines’ is a good one.

So, Terrence… the question I hear is not “when do you start to see changes?”, but “HOW do you start to see changes?”.

This is where the concept of ‘SMART’ goal setting comes in very handy:

Set yourself some SMART goals, follow through with your action steps, and then, and ONLY then can you start asking ‘how long until I see changes’… but chances are you won’t HAVE to ask, because with the action plan under your arm, you’ll already know.

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