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How To Slim A Short Torso

Everybody’s body is different.

That’s the cool thing about us humans! We’re all individuals, from our personalities to the way we’re shaped.
Short Torso
Of course, this means that we all face different challenges when working towards transforming our bodies.

My wonderful “Hot at Home” customer Margaret has a very short torso, and she’s looking to slim it.

But she’s been given some pretty bad advice about how to go about it.

It doesn’t matter how long or short your torso is, if you’re interested in making your waist narrower, there is one exercise that you should ABSOLUTELY NOT DO.

While genetics is going to come into play here and there are going to be limits as to how narrow you can make your waist, there is a very simple little exercise that you can do that can help slim any torso, regardless of length.

If you want to slim up your waist, do this exercise regularly and you may even discover your posture improving:

Ab vacuums are a simple way to create a more ‘concave’ shape in your waist and tighten up ab muscles that may be puffing out in the wrong direction as a result of working out with improper form (which makes your waist appear larger, rather than slimmer).

***Ab vacuums are a timed exercise, so you’ll need a good timer. This is the one I use: Gymboss Timers

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  1. Frank

    Hi my name is Frank & I lost 45lbs in 18 months and now I have a lot of excess skin in different areas…..
    I’m not interested in surgery & I’ve heard about different opinions on that the matter….What is the best course to


    • Jackie

      Hi Frank. First of all CONGRATULATIONS on the loss! That’s awesome!

      Thanks also for the comment. Great question, but one I’m afraid I may not be able to answer for you. Unfortunately, loose skin is different with everyone. On some it bounces back eventually, so just having some patience may be your best bet. On others it only bounces back a little bit and surgery IS the only way to eliminate it.

      If it were me, I’d opt for the natural route first, eating lots of whole natural foods to increase the elasticity of my skin and drinking lots of water for hydration… possibly even massage therapy could help (again, everyone is different) and weight training to fill in the loose areas with muscle (easier for you being a guy than me being a girl since it’s hard for women to put on bulky muscle, but it may help in your case), and being patient to see what happens.

      Ordinarily I wouldn’t want to smear anything on my skin that wasn’t 100% natural since we ingest into our systems what we put on our skin, so I’m not going to recommend any products to you for this, since most are full of chemicals and other toxins.

      So, wait it out for now. Give your skin time to tighten up where it’s loose, on it’s own. It may just do so. If, after a year, it’s still pretty loose and is impeding you from doing things you want to do then talk to your doctor about your options. But be SURE to ask your doctor for natural solutions first, before throwing you under the knife and see what they advise before making any final decisions.

      Again, Congrats on the awesome weight loss. Be proud, my friend!