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Working Hard But Not Seeing Progress?

Perry, who subscribes to my “Hot at Home” newsletter, has been working out hard with his workouts.

Working Out Hard But Not Seeing Any Progress YetHe’s been doing lots of varied types of exercises, from strength training to cardio.

But things are getting frustrating for Perry because he’s not seeing any progress yet.

Could it be because progress is happening but just not visible yet?


So, what can he do to know for sure?

And, are there things he can tweak in his workouts and life in order to get the progress happening at a more acceptable pace?

You bet!

Here’s what Perry needs to know and practice in order to start seeing progress faster:

Tracking IS important. So, get totally clear on where you’re currently at and start monitoring with proper measuring tools before assuming progress isn’t happening. And then make sure neither your nutrition nor your expectations for the fat-burning results from certain exercises (or both) aren’t what’s actually sabotaging you.

With a few simple tweaks you may find your progress starts happening much faster.

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  1. rOGER

    Very good and sound advice Jackie. I can attest to the sit up myth for seeing great abs . When I first started losing weight I did hundreds of sit ups at a time . Never saw any abs but my stomach was like cast iron . Hey go figure . I still don’t see great abs but I do see them starting to show. another couple of fat % drops and I’ll be bragging . Keep up the good work

    • Jackie

      Thanks Roger!! You also… keep up the good work! 🙂