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Best Strategy For Maintaining Muscle

One of my committed and dedicated “Hot at Home” customers is having a health issue and will be laid up for a while.Maintain Muscle Mass By Exercising


Even with a healthy lifestyle, it can happen to the best of us.

During her convalescence and recovery she doesn’t think she will have the energy or strength to lift weights.

And therefore, she’s worried about losing the lean muscle mass she’s been able to build over the past several months …

… and she wonders if there’s anything else she CAN do to preserve her precious muscle.

Unfortunately, I may not have the news she wants to hear.

But, she may still be able to find a way around this problem by investing only a few moments each day.

Going in for surgery or another medical treatment that takes you out of the game for a while?

Then this may be interesting to you, also:

While our friend here will need to accept that she won’t be able to build any additional muscle while she recovers, with just a couple of exercises per day she may be able to maintain what she already has, which will make it that much easier for her to get back to it hard when she’s ready.

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