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Correct Workout Posture – Neutral Spine

Before you perform the exercises in your workout are you making sure you start from the right position?
Take Good Care Of Your Spine
Working out with sloppy form can really wreak havoc on your spine (amongst other things).

As a matter of fact, it’s essential to properly ‘stack’ your body before you start lifting if you’re serious about keeping yourself safe from injury.

It starts with making sure you’ve got good posture, which in turn, requires that you have your spine in the ‘neutral’ position.

This is pretty darned important since doing damage to your delicate spine could cause you problems and pain for years to come.

One of my awesome newsletter subscribers knows this and kindly asked me, on behalf of others out there who may not be aware of how important correct form is, if I could demo what neutral spine looks like and how to do it.

Sure! No problem.

I’m all for helping people prevent themselves from becoming injured.

Thanks for asking for something that so many will find very helpful for keeping their spine safe and themselves injury and pain free.

Make sure you’ve got your spine in the neutral position and your posture correct before starting your exercise to help prevent yourself from sustaining an injury that could take you out of the game altogether and cause problems throughout your life.

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  1. Tom (Freddy) Richardson

    Thank you so much for that great demo. It has always been hard for me to keep from falling into the slumping trap. It would be nice to have an alarm or buzzer to sound when I fail on this one! Tom

    • Jackie

      You’re very welcome Tom (lol… Freddy!)… glad to hear you’re keeping up with the training! 🙂