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Staying Motivated To Work Out While Injured

Oops. A mishap occurs at work, play or during a workout … and now you’re injured.
Exercising While Recovering From An Injury
It’s a great EXCUSE to skip the workout.

It’s a great EXCUSE to relax and take it easy while recovering.

But is it really?

No. Of course not. ‘NO EXCUSES’ is our mantra here at “Hot at Home“.

However, it can really sap the motivation to keep going.

Roger knows that … and wants to know how to stay motivated to keep up with his workouts, even while injured.

Find that motivation and then get out there and ‘er done.

Prevent the time you’ve already spent working towards your goals from being wasted, heal faster, and get back to it ‘full-swing’ again as soon as possible.

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