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Work Out With More Energy
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Everyone works out to look and feel better right? Otherwise, what’s the point?

So, are you sure you’re working out when you can get the maximum results from your training session?

What I mean is: are you working out when your energy is at its highest, or just when it’s convenient to your schedule, or when someone is telling you that you ‘should’?

I know that scheduling can be a bit of a problem in today’s world, but if you aren’t working out when your personal energy is jumpin’ then you may not be getting the maximum benefit from your training routine.

I know a lot of people who drag themselves through a workout first thing in the morning (like bright and early before the sun rises almost). However, these people aren’t morning people and they’re literally forcing themselves because they feel like they just want to get it over with, off their mind and get on with their day.

Daytime WorkoutsBut their energy is LOW because it’s just not their most energetic time of day. These same people feel a surge of energy at the end of their workday but since their workout is already done, don’t bother to take advantage of this surge.

And, there are many people for whom the complete opposite is true.

They have barrels of energy first thing in the morning but feel that the time they have to spare only exists at the end of the workday, at their lunch hour or later in the evening.

Many people feel a huge drain of energy once the sun goes down so trying to work out in the evening when it’s dark outside (even if they’re in a lit room) can be very difficult.

If they’d only tried working out upon waking when their personal energy level is high, they might have discovered they can pour a lot more effort into it and get a much better workout as a result.

I even have one friend that prefers to do her training session at midnight. Sure, she sleeps til 10am, but her energy just isn’t there until much later in the evening. So she works out right before bed because that’s when she can get her BEST workout done.

*** Be careful with this tactic though, because many people find that a really late workout ramps them up too much to get to sleep afterward ***

If you’re a morning person who’s been working out at the end of your workday, get up a little earlier so you can get it done before you head to work.

If you’re an evening person who’s been dragging your butt through your workouts first thing in the morning, sleep later, go to work and head to your workout afterward or later in the evening. It’s okay if you stay up a little later in the evenings to accommodate your workout, because now you’re sleeping later. Right?

Personally, I’m not a morning person, but I also find that a workout before the workday starts gets me a good hard energetic training session and also gets me ramped up for a great workday with my brain firing on all cylinders.

So, I sleep a little later, work out mid-morning, and my workday is officially from about 1pm until about 9 or 10pm. I’m one of the lucky ones in that I’ve got the luxury of being able to schedule my workday around when my personal energy levels are optimized.

But, I realize not everyone is able to do that. Some people hold jobs that expect them to be there from 9am until 5pm (or whichever hours their shift work might be dictating).

To those people I can only suggest to keep an eye on when your personal energy levels are at their highest, and then adjust your ‘personal’ schedules around your workday so that you can get your workout in when you can optimize for the most energetic and effective workout possible.

But, if you’re stuck at work during your most energetic time of day there’s probably not too much you can do about it, except maybe try to schedule your lunch break for that point in your day and work out during that break, and eat at your desk or workstation afterward.

Nighttime WorkoutsAnd failing THAT, figure out which is the better option for you: before work or after work. Whatever gets you closest to your best energy is your better option.

At the very least, you can always take advantage of more scheduling freedom on your weekends and days off and schedule your workout for your ‘energetic’ time on those days.

And one more thing:

If you’re scheduling your workout at a specific time of day just because some textbook or web fitness guru is TELLING YOU it’s the ‘best time of day’ for you to work out, remember this:

Everyone is an individual and textbooks and web-gurus will never know when YOUR energy is highest. Therefore, they’ll never really be able to tell you what the right time of day for YOU to get it going on will be.

So, make sure your workout is the best possible by scheduling your ‘time to sweat’ for when you personally have the most energy, and not just when some textbook or guru says is the best time.

It will go a long way to getting you the most energized (and effective) workout possible.


Is scheduling your life to fit in your workout one of your biggest frustrations? Do you find it difficult to make time just to get to the gym in the first place more often than not?

And even then, once you do manage to make it there, isn’t it insanely aggravating when your workout winds up taking twice as long as you need… JUST because of all that time wasted standing around waiting for your turn on busy equipment?

Hot at HomeHave you ever thought about scrapping that pain-in-the-butt gym membership completely and getting in great shape in the privacy of your own home instead?

It IS possible to get a hard and effective workout at home that’ll help you burn fat and get a sexy, toned body fast.

If you’re as fed up and frustrated with the gym experience as I was a few years ago, you should check out “Hot at Home” … It’s the Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym.

In “Hot at Home” you will discover how you can QUIT the gym FOREVER and get in the BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE faster than you ever dreamed possibleall at YOUR convenience in your own HOME !


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