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Music Motivates
by Jackie Burgmann, creator of “Hot at Home” – The Transformation Solution for People Who Hate The Gym

Motivation can be a tough nut to crack sometimes, especially when it comes to getting up off the couch and going for a workout.

And even once you do manage to get going with your strength training or cardio session you can still find yourself feeling under-motivated or just not ‘feeling it’ even once you’re in it.
Use Music To Motivate Your Workout
Sure, a half-hearted workout is better than NO workout, but it’s not as good as a hard, motivated and intense workout where your heart is in it all the way.

So, when that situation occurs, how do you get that intense energy and motivation to give it your all and not just ‘go through the motions’ and waste what could have been a perfectly good workout?

One word: MUSIC !

Music can be intensely motivating … even on those days when you’re not quite in the mood. The right music has a way of GETTING you in the mood.

However, the same kind of music isn’t the right kind of music to motivate everybody. People are individuals with different tastes so the type of music and individual songs you choose should be as individual as you are.

To find the right kind of music for YOU, use these easy rules of thumb:

If the song makes you want to get up and move or dance, it’s right. If it makes you do the ‘head bob’ or the ‘toe tap’ timed to the beat, that’s probably right.

Even if it’s a slower song but it does crazy things deep in your head or takes you to other planets in your mind and gives you goosebumps, that’s also the right kind of music.

Or, if the lyrics make you feel moods deeply like determination, angst or even anger then that could work for you also.
Music Helps Make Workouts More Effective
Basically, you’re looking for music that can help take you into the ‘zone’ during your workout.

For instance, a lot of people find thrashy or dark music like punk or metal to be very motivating (particularly for weight training) because they find that they can translate those feelings of angst or anger in the song directly into energy and strength in themselves and it helps them lift heavier and work harder.

Others love disco, house, dubstep or trance… and some enjoy country music or classical.

Still others may love ethereal music for cardio because while listening, it makes them feel like they turn to rubber and then can run or cycle forever.

And, keep in mind also, that the kind of music that drives you the hardest may be different depending on what kind of workout you’re doing that day, so consider making more than one playlist.

Perhaps you’d choose a collection of hard and angry songs for weight training but then another collection of fun 70s disco songs for running and other cardio sessions.

Thanks to the invention of the mp3 player, you can take your music on almost any kind of workout you want … running, lifting, cycling, powerwalking, plyometrics, rowing, you name it.Get Better Workouts With Music

Even if you’re a swimmer, don’t think this means you can’t enjoy music while you’re working out in the pool, lake or ocean.

There are lots of different electronics companies producing waterproof and underwater-safe mp3 players now. Get to your favorite gadget store and pick the one you like.

So, find the kind music that makes you personally want to move, dump it into your mp3 player, plug it into your stereo or strap it on to your body and turn it up LOUD.

You’ll have what you need to get into your workout harder and with more energy than ever.


Music is a great way to motivate but it’s not the only way. If having trouble getting motivated is one of your biggest challenges, then grab “Hot at Home” now.
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