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Author Photos and Cartoons

Feel free to use any of these photographs or cartoon images to promote “Hot at Home“.

FYI: I am over the age of 40 years in every shot on this page, which is good to mention if you’re marketing to the over-40 crowd.

** NOTE: Just because “Hot at Home” is sometimes confused as a ‘Women’s Only’ program, I’ve just had a male counterpart designed for the cartoon “Hot at Home” Girl (who was modeled after me).

He’s fictional, but if you are promoting to a male audience, feel free to use this cartoon character in your marketing materials to help make it clear that “Hot at Home” is ALSO for men, as well as women.

There are also a few images of the two of them together you can use if your audience is mixed-gender. You’ll find it all at the bottom of the page.

*Disclaimer: You ONLY have permission to use these images for promoting “Hot at Home” products. Abuse and/or disregard will result in legal action.

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Jackie with Abs - Hot at Home


Jackie Back Plank with Logo - Hot at Home
(note: this image is also available without the logo; contact me directly to get a copy)

(note: both of these two poses directly above were taken one week before my 47th birthday)

Jackie Dumbbell Workouts - Hot at Home

Jackie Bikini - Hot at Home

Jackie in the Sunshine - Hot at Home

Jackie in the Wind - Hot at Home

Jackie Posing - Hot at Home

Jackie at the Beach - Hot at Home

Jackie Head Shot Day - Hot at Home

Jackie Head Shot Evening - Hot at Home

Cartoons – Girl

Hot at Home Girl with Dumbbell-lg

Hot at Home Girl with Dumbbell-sm

Hot at Home Girl Standing-lg

Hot at Home Girl Standing-sm

Hot at Home Girl Head Shot

Cartoons – Guy

Hot at Home Guy-lg

Hot at Home Guy-sm

Cartoons – Girl with Guy

Hot at Home Girl & Guy1-lg

Hot at Home Girl & Guy1-sm

Hot at Home Girl & Guy2-lg

Hot at Home Girl & Guy2-sm

Hot at Home Girl & Guy2-crop

* please also see the “e-Book Covers & Other Graphics” section for a large selection of e-book covers and logos

If you need anything else or something special, shoot me an email from the Contact Page and I’ll set you up.

Thanks for promoting “Hot at Home“.

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