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Special Page IDs

Now you can link directly to Special Pages on the “Hot at Home” website using your Clickbank hoplink, by adding a special “Page ID” (pid) …

… pages like fully formatted ‘customer-friendly’ versions of all the Reprintable Articles as well as the Trial Offer or Free Report Offer pages (and Videos are coming soon).

Simply take your usual Clickbank hoplink and add ” ?pid=xxx ” to the end of your link (replace ‘xxx’ with each page’s assigned id # … see the listing below for all the pids currently available).

Near the bottom of this page you’ll see links to two ‘listings’ pages where, if you click over to the page, you’ll find many Articles, Offers and Videos listed in the following format (this is just an example):

~ Got The Blues? Work It Out! (pid=304)

So, if you’re linking to this “Got The Blues” article mentioned above, your Clickbank hoplink will now look like this:

REMEMBER: You MUST replace “yourCBid” with YOUR personal Clickbank ID.

For example, if our friend “harvey35” wanted to link to the same article with his Clickbank ID, his hoplink would now look like this:

Simple, eh?

Send your audience directly to any article you choose with a quick sentence letting them know you thought they’d find it interesting or helpful.

You can link to these pages from Twitter, Facebook, your auto-responders or website. The images contained in the article page will even show up on Facebook as a graphic thumbnail which will make your post even more interesting looking and help attract more clicks.

Plus, each of these articles has a ‘sell’ message at the bottom to drive your traffic from the article to the sales page and offer.

I’ve also set up the “Hot at Home” Trial Offer and the “Six Pack Sins” Free Report Offer pages with their own Page ID so you can link directly to these offers INSTEAD of the main Sales Page if you think these offers will create higher conversions (and more sales!) for you.

I can even set you up with a ‘Personalized Offer Page’ for YOUR audience ONLY.

It will be your page and your page only, to promote how you see fit (you’ll have to ask me for that ahead of time obviously, so just shoot me an email if you’re planning a special promotion and I’ll get you set up).

All the Special Landing Pages and their respective Page IDs currently available are listed at the following pages (click links):

Page IDs Listing – Offers and Articles

Page IDs Listing – Videos

I add new articles and videos regularly, so please check the listings pages often for new Landing Pages and their PIDs.

Remember, if you need a personalized page, be it an Offer or an Article, just let me know. It will be yours and yours alone, and won’t be publicized on this page or anywhere else unless YOU link to it.

Thanks again for promoting “Hot at Home“.


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