Former anonymous fitness blogger known only (until now) as "Girlwithnoname"
- Jackie Burgmann finally busts out her identity AND her secrets for getting
herself in the best shape of her life without ever going to a gym.

How to get ripped

Get in Really Good Shape

How to get in shape at home

Hi there. My name is Jackie. And like most people, I have a story.

However, mine is not an easy story to tell.

Truth is, it’s kind of hard for me to admit this here on such a public forum, but it’s also not easy to hide from the truth.

So, I’m gonna tell it to you anyway. So, here it is:

A few years ago I let myself get fat, out of shape and miserable.

There were lots of reasons I started on that downward spiral away from myself …

… relationship troubles…

… a job I hated…

… an illness in the family …

… and all happening at the same time …

…all made me feel like nothing was going right for me or ever would go right for me again.

I felt like I’d lost control over my life, my happiness and myself.

Add all of that to my other big problem, which was:

Going where all those judgmental, super-fit people might stare at me while I struggled to get in shape made me feel REALLY uncomfortable and conspicuous.

I didn’t like dealing with the rude, inconsiderate people that always seemed to be in my way there …

… or leaving their sweat on the equipment I wanted to work on and not putting their stuff back where it belongs when they’re done.

It was frustrating.

Besides all that, I really didn’t have a bunch of extra time to waste in my busy day just getting there and back anyway.

And for what it was, I felt like a gym membership was just way too expensive, especially since I didn’t even like going there.

So I just refused to go.

And since I live in a teensy, tiny city apartment I didn’t *think* there could be an effective way to get in shape at home with my extreme space limitations.

Worst of all, I started turning to food for comfort. Fattening and unhealthy food.

So, yup. I got heavy.

Being unhappy and sedentary can do that to you.


And this only added to my feelings of being lost and out of control.

But, then one day, after being miserable and uncomfortable in my own skin and feeling out of control for WAY TOO LONG, I got mad enough at myself that I decided I’d have to find a way to get in shape without the gym.

I knew I had to take control of myself and my life and get my mindset turned around, or the problem was only going to get worse.

THAT’S when I began putting this fat loss system together for myself.

I was fed up being fat and unhappy and I decided to take control and do something about it.

I spent a lot of time experimenting with lots of different workout techniques and styles. I had successes… and I had failures.

But I kept at it until I had perfected a system that allowed me to get in the shape I wanted AT HOME with minimal equipment and IN A HURRY.

What resulted is the Hot at Home System which I initially designed especially just to help MYSELF burn fat and develop some sexy muscle definition FAST …

… without having to wipe someone else’s greasy sweat off my equipment OR step foot in a smelly, uncomfortable, crowded gym EVER AGAIN.

But, as it happens this system turned out to be SO effective for me, that I have
decided to share my special techniques and tricks with you.

In less time than I thought possible I was on the beach in a bikini showing off my flat tummy and shapely shoulders without any of the old embarrassment I used to feel at the beach.

Plus, it’s been several years now, and I’ve managed to maintain my new body without any struggle whatsoever.

It’s sort of a “share the wealth” kind of thing with me. It worked so well for me and I’m so THRILLED with my results, that I want you to have it, too.

If you want to take control of YOUR life and get in your best shape ever, but the thought of going into the gym fills you with dread, keep reading.

Hot at Home is a system that gives you the freedom to get a kick-ass and EFFECTIVE FAT LOSS WORKOUT IN THE PRIVACY OF YOUR OWN HOME (no matter how small your home), on your own schedule, incorporating a specially formulated series of exercises using only a set of dumbbells and a couple of fitness bands.

PLUS it saves YOUR precious time by not forcing you to commute back and forth to some stinky gym.

So, if you’re like ME and don’t have much time to get your workouts done and don’t want to deal with smelly, inconsiderate, rude people hogging equipment you’re waiting for, or filling their huge waterbottles while you wait for a sip at the fountain, then this system is what you’re looking for.

Beginner? So was I at first. I’ve got you covered.

We’ve all got to start somewhere and I’ll have you working out in the RIGHT way to get you past ‘beginner’ stage in a hurry.

Already Intermediate or Advanced?

Yup, you can jump in at the level you’re ready for and get to work immediately.

There are over 40 weeks of workouts in “Hot at Home” so whatever your personal level is, there’s something for you.

Listen, how many trainers or fitness “pros” do you think just make stuff up and shoot it out without testing it on real people?

LOTS, that’s how many.

Heck, some of those ‘trainers’ aren’t even legally certified!

I know … Shocking! But it happens.

YOU become their “guinea pig”. You work a program that hasn’t even been tested on real people, then after you’ve wasted a bunch of time and find out it’s not working for you, who gets the blame?


Even if you did everything they told you to. They suggest that maybe you did something “wrong”, even if the ONLY thing you did wrong was TAKE THEIR BAD ADVICE.

That’s not fair, and that’s not cool.
How to get in shape at home
Let’s be honest, not everything that works on paper works in real life.

The Hot at Home system WORKS.

It’s not just ‘good on paper’. It’s good in REAL LIFE.

It’s been tested … By me personally. I’ve lived it. I’ve worked it. I KNOW it works.

HOW do I know it works?


And, now: it works for my friends and clients, too.

Here’s what a couple of people say about me and my systems:

Cynthia Alog Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1Jackie is a great source of inspiration for me! Her frequent updates help give me exercises to use in my workouts, and seeing her nutritional tips keeps me on track with my own diet. Jackie is also very real and down-to-earth in her video blogs, which keep me coming back to watch!

Jackie is very accessible to anyone looking to get in great shape and I love checking in on her to see what she’s posting next! Over the course of the past 3 months Jackie has helped me reach my fitness goals and set new ones. I am more consistent with my diet and workouts and have lost a full inch in my waistline which has allowed me to see better definition in my abs … and I have also dropped down from 130lbs to a comfortable 123lbs.

– Cynthia Alog, Chicago, IL

I’m super busy and use that as an excuse for not working out and eating right. When I decided to put some honest effort into losing weight and getting healthy, I had no idea where to start. Jackie gave me some great home workout recommendations and tons of great food ideas. Jackie’s inspiration keeps me honest and eating like I should. Following her recommendations has helped me lose 34 lbs so far.

– Steph Tinker, Charlotte, NC

Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1Jackie has been an online inspiration for me since I started exercising over a year ago. Her words of wisdom about what exercises were going to be harder to recover from, talks of killer cardio workouts and new creative ways to consume healthy food have been a fantastic complement to my daily workout routine. Whenever I have had questions or general comments, the responses are always quick and relevant, and always increase my knowledge while encouraging me more. Having her motivation has been a huge factor in my own workout success and so far I’ve lost 37 lbs and gone from a 36″ waist down to a 32″ waist!

– Michael Broadwater, Arnold, ML

Get Hot at Home Remember: these are my actual workouts. Not theory.

You get real workouts that you can follow without having to do what I did, spending all that time just figuring out exactly which exercises should go together to get an effective fat-burning workout.

Just print out the workout sheets and get started burning fat right away!


Listen, it wasn’t easy to get in the shape I’m in today.

It was SIMPLE. But it wasn’t easy.

This kind of stuff takes real work. Real commitment and real dedication.

If you’re lazy and haven’t accepted that getting in shape takes work then this program is not for you.

If you’re looking for an easy way out or believe in that ‘one special trick, potion or pill‘ that will magically melt your fat and get you ‘supermodel ripped’ in a week, then please leave … I can’t help you …

The absolute truth is: the workouts in “Hot at Home” are HARD and very challenging.

But then, NOTHING worth having in life is easy. Right?

These workouts will get you working hard, guaranteed. But what that means is that they’ll get you melting fat and dropping pant-sizes fast, too.

Guys work out at homeOkay! If you’re still with me, that means you’re someone that knows what it takes and is READY to accept the challenge.

And, by the way … Hot at Home is not JUST for people that don’t want to work out in a gym and would rather get in great shape in the privacy of their own home.

Hot at Home is also for you if you want the TRUTH about what it takes to get in shape and STAY in shape… for LIFE.

I’m not going to make any crazy promises or claims about how in 3 weeks you’ll lose 50 lbs and be an in-demand fitness model. That’s not me. That’s what some guys might say, but they’re not telling you the truth.

Getting in shape is a step-by-step process. But it’s something that CAN BE DONE. And it’s something that you CAN MAKE STICK for LIFE.

Hot at Home is for people who are looking for a lifestyle shift and can accept that there are no temporary band-aids or short-term solutions.

  • NO gimmicks.
  • NO sneaky tricks that ultimately don’t even work.
  • NO expensive ‘magic potions’ or crazy contraptions that make false promises.
  • NO untested theory.
  • NO flat-out lies to mislead you.
  • NO chasing rainbows you can never catch.

What you get inside the covers of “Hot at Home” is a straight forward approach that doesn’t beat around any bushes about what it TRULY takes to get in the best shape of your life and STAY that way.

So, get ready, because I’m going to tell you what works without the useless fluff and filler or pages and pages of confusing statistics, formulas and conflicting information you might find in other workout books.

Get Hot at Home I tell you what works, how to do it and take you through the exact process STEP-BY-STEP.

First I’ll make sure you get started in a way that will get you ramped up quickly for serious business with the SuperStarter SuperSets workout.

And THEN I keep you progressing at every step of your transformation with new fat-burning workouts that you advance into at JUST the right time to keep you burning fat and working optimally towards your goals.

Structured Variability Protocol

This is a specific system I’ve developed to progress you through each series of workouts to get you burning fat as quickly and effectively as possible.

This protocol will also make sure you move from each workout series into the next series in a way that will prevent you from ever having to deal with stagnation.

I’ll show you exactly how it works IN DETAIL.

I will walk you through how to schedule your cardio sessions with each series of workouts to maximize the effectiveness of your workouts.

And I’ll help you choose the kind of cardio that will work best for YOU*.

*NOTE: the truth is there IS no “one PERFECT kind” of cardio that everyone should do, and you’ll learn how to pick something that works for YOU and that you won’t have to hate every minute of …

Plus, I show you how you can do kick-ass fat-burning cardio sessions without ever having to leave your home!

I’ve also included my special “no time for a workout” Fast But Furious workout for you. This is a special workout you won’t do often because it’s just that killer. BUT, it will cover all the bases for you in about a half hour so you can beat “Life” at its own game on those days where you just don’t think you’ll find the time for a proper workout otherwise. You CAN get your workout in without letting life sabotage your path to achieving your goals!

This is a step-by-step series of instructions and workouts that will never leave you bored, stuck on a plateau or wondering what to do next. And you will continue to burn fat and progress until you get your dream body JUST LIKE I DID.

I’m going to give you the series of workouts that got me where I wanted to go, laid out simply, plainly and in a way that’s easy to understand and EASY TO FOLLOW.

This is NOT some abstract workout theory that will leave you confused and still trying to figure which exercises to string together to make a proper workout.

This is THE series of MY PERSONAL workouts that I used to get me where I wanted to go FAST.

Get Hot at Home In my comprehensive Mindset Section, I will provide an EXTENSIVE step-by-step roadmap for getting your mindset FIRMLY in place to easily make this lifestyle shift your REALITY so you can get and KEEP your fantastic new body for LIFE.

Then I also take the confusion out of the hazy subject of ‘nutrition’ and let you in on the ONE tactic you MUST know about managing your meals to make your fat loss a lasting success.

I will let you in on how to eat properly for fat loss without feeling hungry OR deprived all the time.

Turn food from your enemy into your ally with strategies that work in TODAY’s temptation-filled world.

Get Hot at Home weight loss

Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2I don’t normally endorse other workout or fitness programs but Jackie’s program is a breath of fresh air and reality in a world full of fitness misinformation and confusion. It’s well thought out, well written, and the info is spot on.

Her program cuts through the nonsense and delivers just what you need to succeed without confusing you with nonsense and fluff.

If you’re serious about getting in shape, this is a serious program to get you there.

– John Barban, MS, Author, Adonis Index Systems, Venus Index Systems

Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2If you need a little help getting going with a workout, this is THE book. Not sure about going to the gym? Don’t like hanging out with those sweaty grunting guys? Feeling intimidated? Not sure where to go and what to do? Too much of a drive to get there? Takes too long? Whatever your excuse for not making it to the gym, this book has the answer! Now you can become ‘Hot at Home’ by following Jackie’s step by step advice. This lady knows how to whip you into shape at home and will get you up, motivated, off the couch and into your sexy sundress this summer in no time flat!

A no nonsense, easy to follow book that’s like having a Jackie as your personal trainer in the comfort and privacy of your own home. What are you waiting for? Check this book out now and be ‘Hot at Home’ (and everywhere else you go)!

– Cat Ebeling, Co-Author, The Fat Burning Kitchen Program

Dai Manuel Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2I’ve seen a lot of at home products and programs over my past 14 years in the health and fitness industries, and I’m happy to say that the Hot at Home program is one of the most complete and detailed programs I’ve seen.

Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your first home fitness routine or an intermediate athlete wanting to supplement your present training regime, this program has something for everyone.

Jackie knows her stuff and CAN help you get and stay fit at home, in the workplace or on the road. Remember, always keep moving!

– Dai Manuel, Chief Operating Officer, Fitness Town Inc.

The Hot At Home workout guide is the perfect program for anyone who wants to quit the gym (or already has) and wants to work out at home. Minimal equipment is needed and the program proves that you don’t need a gym membership to get into the best shape of your life. Honestly, I’ve seen quite a few workout guides but this truly is extremely thorough and very informational. I’m impressed!

– Jake Morris, Sales & Marketing Manager for Gymboss

What is all this worth? Glad you asked. But first, consider this:

Jess Allen Hot at Home Personal TestimonialFinding motivation and keeping it can be a struggle, even for the highly motivated. When I’m encountering barriers Jackie is always there talking about healthy meals or workout tips. Over the past year I’ve lost 65lbs! She has definitely been a good motivator for me!

– Jess Allen, Seattle, WA

What would you have to spend for that dreaded gym membership? $30 a month? At least, right?

And that’s for one of the worst gyms.

You’d probably pay around $50 a month for a ‘nicer’ gym and you’ll definitely pay WAY more than that for one of those ‘elite’ ones.

Or you could go out and buy a bunch of expensive equipment (assuming you’ve got space for a full gym set-up in your home).

That could run you at least several hundred dollars but more likely once you have everything you “think” you need you could wind up spending thousands.

And even then you might not know exactly what to do at those gyms or with that equipment, so then you’re stuck getting a trainer to write you some programs and walk you through them … and what do those guys cost?

$50 an hour at least, right?

Some charge as much as, or even HIGHER than $100 an hour (and I’ll even admit that’s what my clients pay me to travel to their homes and train them personally).

For a very limited time, the special introductory offer
for “Hot at Home” will run you only $49.95.

Get Hot at Home now!

Click Here To Add To Cart

That cost will pay for itself in the very first month if the ONLY thing you compare it to is one of those ‘average’ gym memberships.

And for LESS than the price of a couple of months at that cheap (aka: poorly maintained, smelly and possibly even far away) gym, you’ve got over FORTY WEEKS of workouts in “Hot at Home” …

It’s almost like having ME as your very own personal trainer right there with you except you won’t have the ongoing expense of paying me to come to you for every workout.

PLUS you get nutrition information that you can live by in this crazy world we live in nowadays …

AND a Mindset Map that will have you thinking (and acting) like someone who knows how to get and keep a fit body for LIFE.

And then you ALSO take away the Hot at Home Exercise Gallery Manual which includes every single exercise from every workout fully explained in detail – over 120 different exercises (which if sold separately is valued at $39.95).

Hot at Home Exercise Gallery

Each exercise explanation is also accompanied by LARGE, FULL COLOR photographs of me demonstrating each stage of every move so you can SEE how to do each exercise properly for maximum effectiveness.
Hot at Home Exercise Gallery on Video
And if you prefer to learn by watching video, you’ll be glad to know that, as part of your Hot at Home package, you’ll also receive access to the Exercise Gallery in VIDEO FORMAT, which is fully accessible on your computer browser or your mobile device.

I personally explain and demonstrate each and every exercise in the Hot at Home workout programs ON VIDEO so you can be absolutely sure you’re working out for optimal results (a $99.95 value if sold separately).

So, all that being said your investment in my Hot at Home System is pretty affordable at only $49.95 … and you won’t have to figure all this stuff out for yourself, like I did.

Why am I making Hot at Home so inexpensive? A couple of reasons.

One: Hot at Home is a downloadable pdf program and I don’t really have any physical costs or other overhead except for this website, so I figured I could pass the savings on to you.

Two: I really want this to be affordable for you to get started right away. I don’t want cost to be the reason you put off getting in the shape you WANT to be in.

I know how it feels to want to save some bucks but I also know how great it feels to be in fantastic shape. So I don’t want to put up any barriers to prevent you from getting started RIGHT AWAY and knowing how great it feels, too.

Aaron Nye Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1I started following Jackie forever ago, and specifically because she made me want to get off my butt. So far, every recommendation I’ve gotten from her has helped me get back into my “Marine Corps” shape. I can always count on her when I need motivation (or a kick in the pants). Thanks to Jackie I’ve lost over 10lbs of fat and have also gained muscle, definition and strength.

– Aaron Nye, Saverna Park, ML

Charlie Wall Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1When I first decided to get in shape and lose my excess weight, I researched what I considered to be the best in the industry. I came across Jackie on Twitter and very quickly I was following her daily updates about food, fitness and life. I had not met or seen anyone who had a Vlog / Twitter presence in the same way that Jackie has. I watched her vlogs every day, and even got my son to sit and watch them with me, as I was so inspired by her passion for fitness. I think she is AMAZING.

Jackie posts daily updates about nutrition, her life, answers questions, and trains in her home. I have watched her train, shouted at my laptop screen as she attempted (and nearly completed) 10 full pull-ups. All this and more from her own flat in Canada.

Jackie is a huge inspiration and I am not sure she will ever truly know the impact finding her had on my life. I have lost 40lbs and 4″ from my waistline, and I’ve gone from a size 12 to a size 8.

So I am writing this to say THANK YOU for truly opening my eyes to the world of training at home, nutrition, and sheer gutsy determination. Jackie, you are a brave and open female. I will always have a deep respect and admiration for you.

– Charlie Wall, Cambridge, UK

Hi all, when this whole thing about getting in shape and having that six pack abs that I’ve always wanted started I felt the need of someone that had gone through the same experience that I did.

And so I met Jackie.

She has been an amazingly gorgeous person to me, I have not only discovered that she’s a hero when it comes to fitness but she’s also inspired me to be something related to fitness, like a nutritionist.

If you want to get results, if you want someone that tells you the TRUTH about fitness and of course an amazing friend go for Jackie, buy her book, trust me IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.

Just do it.

– Diego Sierra, Mexico City, Mexico

Jackie has an amazing passion for health and fitness. Whether you follow her on Facebook or watch her great YouTube vlogs, you will always come away with something from her words. If anyone needs a bit of help in the motivational department she is more than qualified. She sure has helped me on those days to find the motivation to train.

– Jesus Fuentes, Crestview, FL

Remember: this is over FORTY WEEKS worth of workouts.

Forty Weeks = About TEN MONTHS.

That’s a lot more value than just ONE month in that crappy gym or ONE session with a personal trainer.

And it’s a lot easier and less confusing than trying to piece together workouts for yourself from magazines and websites.

At least I think so. But you may disagree.

And I can’t FORCE you to give this a shot.

But… if you’re really ready to QUIT THE GYM but not prepared to quit on yourself, then you really should try this out.

And, right now I’m offering some very special Bonuses if you grab Hot at Home today…

If you go ahead and order now, I’ll include my “Crazy for Cardio” Book which is an in-depth look at the confusing subject of ‘Cardio’.Hot at Home Crazy for Cardio

Are you confused about cardio? Who isn’t?

Is cardio good for fat loss? Or bad?

Some fitness gurus say it’s good. Some say it’s bad.

Who do you believe?

There’s a lot of conflicting information out there about cardio. I’ll clear up the confusion for you and give you the honest truth about the various types of cardio: what works and what doesn’t.

And I hash out the differences between what is currently being called ‘evil’ steady state cardio and the recently popular interval training.

What are the differences between the two that can actually affect how fast YOU burn fat?

But, whichever you choose, what are the BEST kinds of cardio for YOU personally?

I’ll give you training programs that you can follow straight off the page so you don’t have to figure out for yourself how to format an effective, fat burning cardio workout.

I share lots of FUN TIPS and suggestions for the many different kinds of interval training that are easily adjustable for your personal preferences and current fitness level.

Hot at Home Crazy for CardioPlus, I’ve included several programs for the different kinds of cardio circuits that you can do even in the tiniest of spaces right in your home, if that’s all you’ve got.

Crazy for Cardio is simple, straightforward and easy to follow. Don’t be confused or intimidated by cardio workouts ever again!


I’m also going to include my “Stand on Stretching” Book which will help you alleviate your discomfort from those tired, stiff, tight muscles you’ve earned from working at your job every day.Hot at Home Stand on Stretching Book

Do you want to make simple everyday tasks like housework and hauling groceries, or fun things like gardening or romping with your kids and pets easier?

If so, then better flexibility is important to you.

I’ll help you learn the best times to stretch and HOW to do it to get you better flexibility on a permanent and lasting basis.

Plus, I provide stretching recommendations for every major muscle group and give detailed explanations of how to do each stretch that I recommend.

Hot at Home Stand on Stretching BookI’ve also included full-color photographs of myself demonstrating how to perform each stretch properly that you can compare to yourself so you never have to worry if you’re doing them right.

Getting better flexibility makes your workouts more effective and makes living your life easier. I’ll show you how to get it.


And finally, for anyone hopping on and grabbing “Hot at Home” now I am actually going to commit to you for life.Hot at Home Free Lifetime Updates

Yep, if you grab this now, I’m going to GIVE you unlimited updates for life and for FREE.

That’s right: Free for LIFE!

Whenever I discover a new technique I want to add to “Hot at Home” or decide to revise the manuals to include new pictures, videos, information or strategies that are working for me that I know can work for you too, you will automatically get the new version via special email without any further expense to you.

You can feel safe knowing you always have the latest version of Hot at Home with my latest techniques or tips, regardless of how long it’s been since you bought it.


If you were to buy each manual, the exercise video library and the unlimited updates separately it would cost you over $265.00.

But you can grab the ‘whole shebang’ for only $49.95 !
Get Hot at Home now!

Click Here To Add To Cart

And hey, what’s the worst that can happen if you do try Hot at Home and find out it’s not for you?

Even if you try it for a month and bail you’ll STILL be in better shape a month from now than you are at the moment.

Heck, and you’ll still break even for the month on what you would have spent on that average gym, right?

Because, if you decide that Hot at Home is NOT for you I’ll refund your money 100%, NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Hot at Home Guarantee

That’s how sure I am that you’ll love what Hot at Home can do for you.

Just try it out for a month … no … let’s make that TWO months, while you make your decision.

Get in shape at homeIf, within 60 days, you decide Hot at Home isn’t for you, just shoot me an email and I’ll set you up with a refund asap (my email address is in the contact link at the bottom of this page).

And to top it off, you can just KEEP all the programs anyway.

No harm, no foul and we’ll still be friends.

Cool, huh?

So, when you boil it all down, what do you really have to lose?

I’ll tell you what: Your FLAB!!! That’s what!

Invest a measly $49.95 now and get my PROVEN system downloaded on your computer within moments, and get started immediately getting this handled for yourself once and for all.

And, what if you DO decide against trying this out right now?

Will you keep doing the same things you have been doing? With the same results as you’ve been getting? Will you look the same in a year as you do now?

Maybe. Probably.

So, if you choose to leave without taking that first step to get started now, the way I see it everything will most likely stay the same.

You’ll feel the same, you’ll look the same.

Not the worst thing in the world sure, but in a few months or maybe next Summer when everything is still the same and you’re STILL not comfortable in your beach clothes, you MIGHT be kicking yourself wishing you’d gotten started now, instead of putting it off … again.

Only one way to find out.

Get Hot at Home now!

Click Here To Add To Cart

And quite frankly, there’s SO much information in this book … information that I’ve spent the last several years compiling so you didn’t have to … that I know it’s easily worth at least twice the $49.95 I’m asking for it.

It’s a great deal especially when you consider that you get all these bonuses right now, too.

Hot at Home Books Family

Click Here To Download the Complete “Hot at Home” System Now
Easy Payment Methods

So make sure you grab “Hot at Home” now.

For only $49.95 you get all this awesome and PROVEN weaponry to help you kick your flab to the curb, PERMANENTLY.

You get the main “Hot at Home” manual, which includes:

  • My personal story. How I let myself down and slid into a hole so deep I didn’t even know how to get out and what I had to go through to finally pull myself out of that hole.
  • Get Hot at Home An extensive mindset map to help you get yourself thinking in the right ways to make your fat loss lasting and PERMANENT. Plus, tons of suggestions for cool little strategies you can use to TRICK yourself into getting to your workouts even when you’re having ‘one of those days’ and your mind is telling you ‘no way’.
  • Over 40 weeks of PROVEN fat burning workouts, explicitly explained and laid out in an easy-to-follow format, structured in a way that will help you burn fat fast and prevent you from hitting those dreaded plateaus.
  • Nutrition advice that you can live by in today’s ‘temptation-filled’ world …plus strategies that work and that you can use to lose that extra flab without feeling constantly hungry or deprived.

Hot at Home Exercise GalleryYou’ll also get the “Hot at Home” Exercise Gallery, with detailed explanations and large, full color, step-by-step demonstration photographs of each exercise being performed that will leave no room for question or error. Valued at $39.95.

Hot at Home Exercise GalleryAnd you get access to the Video Library of the “Hot at Home” Exercise Gallery
, accessible online and via mobile device with full explanations and video demonstrations of each exercise that you can follow along with. A value of $99.95.

Hot at Home Crazy for CardioPlus you’ll get my “Crazy for Cardio” book
, which will clear up every confusion you have ever had about cardio and shows you how to pick the kind of cardio that will work best for you personally. A value of $29.95.

Hot at Home Stand on Stretching BookAnd, my “Stand on Stretching” book
that provides you with countless recommendations for stretches that can help you become more flexible and overcome those tight muscles permanently, all accompanied by detailed explanations and full color photos so you know you’re doing them properly and effectively. Valued at $29.95.

Hot at Home Free Lifetime Updates
And don’t forget, I’ll also guarantee you UNLIMITED UPDATES to all revisions, improvements or great new strategies that are added to “Hot at Home“, “Crazy for Cardio“, “Stand on Stretching” or the “Exercise Gallery” any time in the future, at no additional cost. This is valued at $15.95 per YEAR (and I’m committing to you for LIFE).

Hot at Home Books Family

Download Hot at Home and all these Bonuses NOW:

Get Hot at Home now!

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“Hot at Home” is an ebook program which is immediately downloadable in pdf format. Nothing will be shipped to you. This program is not available in stores and is only available for purchase from this website. Once you click on the order button you will automatically be taken to a secure order page. After your order is complete you will then automatically be taken to a download page where you can save the “Hot at Home” manuals and bonuses to your computer. If you are on a high speed connection the downloads should take less than 5 minutes. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to read Hot at Home.

Hot at Home Guarantee

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PPS. Still not sure? Here’s what more of my clients, followers and colleagues have to say:

Jay Sherman Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1Wow! I can’t believe Jackie has finally released her book of fitness and nutritional knowledge. You might think ‘great, another book just like all the rest’. This is where I tell you are wrong!

She has set out to prove that everything you do at the gym can be done at home with minimal investment. You probably have most of the equipment lying around now to get you started and just don’t realize it.

I’m 45 years old and 6’2″. I used to weigh over 400lbs but I’m now I’m down to 240lbs. I’ve lost 160lbs! Still a long way to go but my accomplishments keep growing. This year I was able to run the Bay to Breakers 12K after being out of commission for a year due to injuries. I was extremely limited to what I could do in my workouts but I adapted. I wonder how I got that knowledge? Hmmm I think it was Jackie!

I was able to utilize her knowledge at a time when I couldn’t break out of my plateau and was actually heading back in the wrong direction. With her knowledge of nutrition I was able to really break down the nutritional aspects of everything I was using as fuel and gather some great ideas of easy to fix meals and snacks.

As I get deeper into my own fitness training I find myself moving away from the health club and looking to other ways of meeting my goals. The chain gyms/health clubs are okay. They work if you have the knowledge and perseverance to keep going. Just joining a gym is not a magic pill. It’s too easy to stop going with excuses like “I don’t like the machines”, “I’m confused about the equipment” and the staff wasn’t that helpful”, “there are too many meat heads posing in the mirror, I feel like I am just getting in their way and they intimidate me”. Now you’re stuck in a contract for 12-18 months and you already stopped going after a short period of time. Ugh! Nothing worse than that.

So what’s that leave you with? Working out at home. And that’s what Jackie specializes in. She’s been doing it for years and in this book she gives you the knowledge that she has gained.

In the past few months my clothes are have gone down another size, I’m starting to lean up and my loose skin is getting filled in with some nice lean muscle

Today I’m moving away from the commercial gym and looking more at home workouts, which is what Jackie teaches. I’m training for some competitive races and regularly run 5K’s and 10K’s just for something different and to meet new people.

All of that is a far cry from that 400 pounder sitting on the couch with a Dew and a smoke. Jackie is an essential piece of my nutrition and fitness puzzle and her book fits in as a nice corner piece of that puzzle.

– Jay Sherman, Galena, IL

Dave Ruel Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2There is one thing I like about Jackie: she tells it as it is!

Her highly effective fat burning workouts show you exactly how she did it, with no gym, no fancy equipment and living in a small Vancouver apartment.

If you’re looking to get in shape but you don’t want to go to a gym, Jackie’s Hot at Home system will get you there.

Coach Jackie rocks, period!

– Dave Ruel, Best Selling Fitness Chef, Anabolic Cooking, Metabolic Cooking

Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2There’s one thing you KNOW you’ll get from Jackie: She will put forth her absolute BEST in everything she does. She is ALL heart, and that is rare nowadays. There is too much fitness information being sold nowadays that doesn’t deliver results OR honesty. Jackie will deliver BOTH, if you’re ready to do the work. Prepare to transform your mind AND body once you follow Jackie’s foot steps. She has been in the trenches and is teaching you exactly what she knows to work and deliver fast results. Get after it, you won’t regret it. 🙂

In Strength,

– Zach Even-Esh, Founder, Underground Strength Gym

Hot at Home ColleagueTestimonial2Jackie is a no excuses type of girl and this is a no excuses kind of workout. In a very well laid out program Jackie gives you everything you need to have super effective and challenging workouts, even if you only have the absolute bare-bones in workout equipment.

Bottom Line: If you have something to lift and a little bit of space, Jackie can help you change the shape of your body!

– Brad Pilon, Author, Eat Stop Eat, How Much Protein

Jenne Griffin Hot at Home PersonalTestimonial1I have been following Jackie since running across her on Twitter. I noticed a difference in her posts from other people I had been following and I found her to be very inspiring. Jackie has a down to earth attitude and she cares about fitness as much as I do. I wasn’t making the progress in my own fitness that I wanted and was looking for someone that I could learn from. Motivation wasn’t my problem. I already worked out 5-6x a week. My problem was knowing what to do to get the results that I wanted. I started watching her blog and learned that I needed to change it up and add weights. I finally started to see a difference. I’ve lost 4 inches off my waist 1 ½ inches from my thighs so far and have also gained some muscle so now see more definition in my body. To this day still follow Jackie. She is enthusiastic about fitness which keeps me even more motivated. I know I can always check in with her and learn something.

– Jenne Griffin, Gainesville, GA


Is Hot at Home only for women or can men do it, too?
These programs will work equally well for men and women. The basic principles behind burning fat and building muscle are the same for both genders. After all, we’re all human beings, not different species! Men and women alike can use Hot at Home to burn fat and build muscle easily in a small space right in their own homes.

I actually like the gym but I want to try your systems. Can I do this program in a gym? Will it still work?
Well… yes, you can do these workouts in a gym. However, Hot at Home is designed to work most effectively at home without the constant interruptions and waiting around that comes with working out in a gym. You must be able to stick with the timing recommendations to make these workouts their most effective. So if you really want to work my programs in a gym and have them be AS effective for you as they were for me, I would advise NOT going during a busy time or when you won’t be able to complete your workouts quickly, and without interruptions. Go when it’s extremely quiet and you can work without sharing equipment or waiting around for ‘your turn’.

I don’t want to buy any equipment. Can I do this with only bodyweight?
No, sorry. You will need a couple of pieces of basic equipment to work my programs. I recommend, at the very least, a set of adjustable dumbbells and a couple of fitness bands. That’s about it really. A bench would also come in handy, but I don’t have one, I just use my sturdy coffee table as my bench. You don’t need much equipment, but you do need some.

Is Hot at Home good for beginners?
Yes, I was a beginner once, too. So I know how it feels to be worried something will be too advanced if you’re just starting out and I know what it feels like to have to learn stuff first. I’ll show you how to start out in a way that teaches you what to do and how to do it properly in no time, then advance from ‘beginner’ to ‘intermediate’ to ‘experienced’ quickly.

What if I’m already past the beginner stage?
No problem. There are over 40 weeks of advancing-level workouts in Hot at Home. You can start anywhere you want within the Hot at Home series of workouts. There’s even a way to ‘tweak’ the first ‘beginner’ program to make it work very effectively for intermediate and advanced exercisers so you can start at the beginning, and follow the series through every program in Hot at Home and get great results from every workout. I’ll show you how on the inside.

I already work out at home, is this good for me too?
ABSOLUTELY! You are who this program is designed for! Love working out at home but getting bored of the workouts you’re currently working? Or just looking for a new challenge? Hot at Home will change things up for you and challenge you no matter how small your home or workout space is.

I only have dumbbells and a fitness band at home, do I need more equipment than that?
Nope. I recommend a flat bench as well, but I don’t have one, I just use my sturdy coffee table, so as long as you have a piece of narrow furniture you can lie on, like a coffee table or a long ottoman, you’re good to go.

Can I do this right after having a baby?
Sure. Unless you have stitches that need to heal there’s no reason why you can’t start working out right away to get your pre-baby body back asap.

I don’t have any cardio equipment at home, do I need some?
Nope. I don’t have one single piece of cardio equipment in my home and I still get effective fat burning cardio workouts right in my tiny space in my home, or within a couple of blocks of my apartment in the city, without ever having to cross into traffic. I’ll show you how. It’s SIMPLE (“simple”, but not “easy”, if you get my drift!)

I’m only 19. Am I too young or can I do these workouts, too?
Yes, you can. And no, you aren’t too young! Anyone can do these workouts, regardless of their age. You’re never too young (or old) to start a workout program and your age should be no barrier to getting in the shape you want to be in.

I’m over 50. Can someone over 50 achieve results with Hot at Home?
Yes, you can achieve results with this system, regardless of your age (see answer above). I was over 40 when I started and I got fantastic results. However, I would recommend getting a doctor’s approval before starting any strenuous or new exercise program, just to be safe.

I am extremely overweight. Will I be able to do this workout?
Absolutely. My workout system will teach you the basics about working out and get you ramped up quickly for serious fat burning. Be aware however, that if you’re extremely overweight it may take you more time to reach your goals, compared to someone who has less to lose … but these programs will help you get there as quickly as possible.

Jackie, are you a legally certified personal trainer?
Yes, I am. I wasn’t a professional trainer when I started my own journey, but after I went through my transformation, I realized how passionate I am about fitness and felt a strong desire to help others learn what I’d learned and do for themselves what I’d done for myself. So, I decided to get certified and I am now a Certified Personal Trainer specializing in “In-Home Training” and “Online Fitness Coaching”.

Funnily enough, after becoming certified, I re-reviewed the programs that I’d written for myself and discovered I’d known what I was doing all along. The things I’d taught myself throughout my transformation were right on target. The certification didn’t teach me anything I didn’t already know about how to get in shape and lose weight quickly and efficiently. But it was nice to know I’d been on the right track all that time (not that my results didn’t speak for themselves anyway). After I realized my methods were sane and sound and really can work for anyone I decided that it was time to put it all together in one manual so everyone could benefit from my experiences and journey. And that’s why I’ve written Hot at Home: to help others achieve what I was able to achieve.

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